Riptide Volleyball AAU Club Code is WYAA4D

​Riptide Volleyball USAV Club Code is RTIDE

  Meet Head Coach Mike

 “He who coaches children learns more than they do…”

We are excited to introduce to you, Pro beach volleyball player and coaching connoisseur, Mike Potts.  Mike has been playing beach volleyball since he was a kid in DE in 1993.  He was playing as a Pro by 1996.  It was at that time he started coaching…  Mike has now been coaching beach volleyball for 25 years.

“The reaction that you get from a child when something clicks and they get it.  Is priceless”

Mike has won over 30+ Men’s Pro Tournaments, including 4 Miller Lite tournaments in 2002. He had 3 top 10 finishes on the EVP tour in 2013, 2 top 10 finishes on the Dig the Beach tour in 2013, 5 top 10 finishes on the Dig the Beach Tour in 2014, and 2 top 5 finishes on the EVP Tour this year.

“Coaching is my passion. I get more out of child learning something that I have taught them then winning a Big game myself… it is something that can never be taken away from them”

Coach Mike

Our staff of professional highly trained coaches are specially trained and supervised on-site by Mike Potts. Sign up for your private one on one with one of our coaches today!

We offer adult training for novice and competing players. Our goal is to build confidence and technique through hard, consistent and smart beach volleyball training. 

Our daily classes give children (K-12) the chance to learn at any level.  Each 2 hour class offers both fundamental training and real game experience.

all programs are for every level suitable for all ages

Private Coaching

Adult Group Classes

Juniors' Classes

I have known Mike through the training he has done with my daughter.
He is a wonderful volleyball teacher. He shows excellent patience, reliability, and is very caring with the children.
My daughter's self-esteem has grown through her training with him.
I'm so grateful for the program that he brings to Deerfield Beach.
He has also been pro - active in assisting with managing the volleyball courts. If you have any Questions about my commentsType your paragraph here.

Lieutenant Phil DiBello

Deerfield Beach FL

My daughter Shayn has been with Coach Mike since June of this year.  Mike has brought her full circle.  when she first started she was having difficulty serving and controlling the ball.She has grown as a beach volleyball player by leaps and bounds. She has not only improved as a player but her confidence is now through the roof!  I feel that Coach Mike was key in Shayn's success and look forward to many beach volleyball seasons with him.

- Todd & Dori Neary


"I owe most of my volleyball knowledge and drive to be the best player I can be to Mike Potts. When I came to the area I was a low level player with some pretty basic skills but had a lot of drive to be better. Mike saw that promise from day one and was immediately talking with me about taking my game to the next level.  Mike decided to take me under his wing over the next year and we never looked back. I went from a decent A level  volleyball player to a competitive Open player in a relatively short amount of time, playing against some of the best players in the country. Mike would always be the one player that could get me to the court when I was either to sore or had "excuses" as to why I couldn't play. Every time my feet touch the sand or the court many of Mikes demanding yet encouraging words are ringing in my ears. I believe this is one of the reasons I am able to keep composure
and continue to play at a high consistent level. Mikes ability to coach players of all levels is unmatched by his patients and willingness to break down every aspect of the game. He truly is the reason I am and will continue to be the player I am today."

-Jeremy Brown

Coach Mike

Year-Round Beach & Indoor Volleyball Training

All Ages and every Level Welcome

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